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See how easy it is to prepare for your driver’s theory test.

Our driver theory test practice questions get you ready for the car, van, truck, and motorcycle theory tests the simple way. Because passing your theory test means you can apply for your Ireland learner permit and begin to drive on our motorways, so get started today.

Take Effective Practice Tests

Better than the driver theory test revision material alone and just like the real thing. The theory practice questions and answers help you prepare the right way to pass.

Know What to Expect

The driver theory test in Ireland covers several aspects of driving on Ireland’s motorways. Studying by the topics help you understand what you need to learn for test day.

Try The Mock Theory Tests

These mock theory tests and exam simulators are designed just like the real thing. With new randomly selected questions you’ll feel like you’re sitting the official test.

Pass The Official DTT Test

Practice well and often and you’ll be ready for the main test. So, book your test, choose a test centre near you, and see how much easier it is to pass your theory test.

Get the ultimate online driver theory test questions database to help you ace your Irish DTT.

Start practising today.

Why Choose Our Ireland Online Theory Test Practice Questions

With Our Driver Theory Test, Pass your exam the first time.

Like The Real Thing

You’ll know exactly what to expect on your official DTT test because our questions are structured just like the real thing. The official test is computerised, and you get to study just like how you would sit the test.

Free & Accessible

You get to choose how you study, when and where. Our tests are available online on almost all smartphones, laptops, and tablets. You can study on the go at any time so you can prepare however works best for you.

Simple & Easy to Use

Study using randomly selected questions. Or choose theory test questions by topic. The platform is easy to use with no registration required or anything to install. Just click and start practising your test questions.

Tracks Your Progress

Track the questions you get correct or incorrect. See if you can pass all the mock theory tests. Check where you need to focus your studying or the challenging areas and determine how ready you are for the real test.

Covers All the Bases

The test question and answer database covers all aspects of the Ireland theory test. From rules of the road to hazard and risk perception, driving behaviour and more, we cover everything you need to learn to pass.

Multiple Mock Tests

Check your exam readiness with theory mock tests. With the same number of theory test questions and exam time frame like the real thing, you get to test how ready you are while working in real test-like conditions.